3 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories For Every Berry Lover

Are These Berry Kitchen Accessories in Your Cabinets?

Every berry lover knows that no kitchen is complete without the proper berry accessories and utensils. The question is, is your kitchen complete? If you don't have these 3 must-have kitchen accessories, it's not. Here's what your berry kitchen might be missing...

A Berry Colander

If you don't have a berry colander, you're not washing your berries properly. A berry colander is one of the most important kitchen accessories in a berry-lovers home.

A regular colander isn't going to be wide enough and it will be too deep, putting your berries under undue stress. Get a wide, shallow berry colander so you can wash your berries the right way.

A Canning Kit

Tell me -- what berry-lover's home is complete without a canning kit? If you don't have a canning kit in your kitchen, you're missing one of the most important berry kitchen accessories.

A good canning kit will include a funnel, a jar lifter, a lid lifter, a jar wrench and tongs. Of course, you'll also need strainers and canning jars with lids. Only then can your berry kitchen be complete.

Proper Storage

Berry containers are another essential berry kitchen acessory. Oftentimes the containers berries come in at the store aren't good enough for your fridge. Of course, if you grow them yourself, your berries don't come with a container at all. Because of this, it's important that you have proper containers to store your berries.

I personally use glad containers to store my berries. Of course, you don't want to put all berries in an air-tight container so I end up poking holes in the tops of a lot of my Gladware. It makes for great berry storage.

So there you have it -- three berry kitchen accessories you shouldn't live without. Do you have kitchen accessories you live and die by? Let me know. I'm always looking for more things to add to my berry kitchen.

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