A Berry Good Party Theme

Ever Thing About a Berry Theme for Your Birthday?

Little kids love themed parties and we all know about super hero parties, princess parties and cartoon parties, but what about a berry party? After all, strawberries are some of the cutest berries on the planet? If you have a party to plan this year, why not make it a berry special berry party?

Berry Parties Are Fun and Easy

Fun and easy -- two words that go wonderfully together, but aren't usually used hand-in-hand with party planning. However, a berry-themed party can be both fun and easy to plan.

The Decor

First, there's the berry decorations. It really shouldn't be hard to find berry-themed plates. If worse comes to worse, look for Strawberry Shortcake plates. Yes, she's an 80s cartoon, but she's berry sweet, so go for it!

Berry centerpieces are great too. Simply place some berry candle rings around pillar candles and you've got berry themed centerpieces that are sure to be a hit.

You can also make a berry-shaped pinata out of paper mache and paint it red. Fill it with candy and it becomes a decoration that doubles as entertainment. Better yet, fill it with berry-flavored candy in keeping with your theme!

The Cake

Oh, the cake is the easy part when it comes to planning a berry party. Strawberry of course! I love white cake with strawberry filling and I'm sure your guests will too. However, remember, if it's not in season and you don't make it yourself, it can be pricey.

The Favor Bags

What party is complete without favor bags? With a berry themed party, why not try berry preserves in old-fashioned ball jars rather than the traditional plastic bags filled with junk. Your guests are sure to appreciate a good home-made berry preserve much more.

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