Are Indoor Grow Lights Safe?

4 things you need to know about indoor grow lights

Indoor grow lights are needed to provide artificial sunlight if you are growing berries indoors. Some folks I’ve chatted with are concerned with the safety of indoor grow lights.

Berry Jerry’s safety tips for indoor grow lights…

Generally, indoor grow lights are just as safe as any other kind of indoor lighting. Of course, anytime you are using electric lights, you need to acknowledge basic safety standards that apply to the use of electricity. Here are some tips to ensure that your indoor grow lights don’t present any safety hazards or fire threats…

1. Don’t use indoor grow lights with damaged electrical cords

When electrical cords are damaged, part of the electrical wires in the cord may be exposed. Exposed electrical wires are unsafe and can result in either electrical shock or fire. Damaged electrical cords also have the potential of throwing breakers or contributing to power surges. Make sure the cords on your indoor grow lights are in good condition and that the electrical wires inside the cord is not exposed.

2. Be aware of the positioning of your cords on your indoor grow lights.

It’s not a good idea to allow the cord on indoor grow lights to come into contact with heat sources, like the bulbs in indoor grow lights. When electrical cords are exposed to extreme heat, they are likely to melt and become damaged which presents safety hazards.

3. Turn your indoor grow lights off at night.

The purpose of indoor grow lights is to supply artificial sunlight. Leaving them on overnight is not a good idea, and your plants do not need artificial sunlight from indoor grow lights 24 hours a day. In fact, they need darkness at night.

4. Don’t expose your indoor grow lights to water.

Indoor grow lights, like any electrical item, should never be exposed to water. Water and electricity simply don’t mix and getting the indoor grow lights wet increases the chance of electrocution. Turn your indoor grow lights off and unplug them when you are watering your berry plants. Make sure that the cords and indoor grow lights do not have the potential of coming in contact with the water that drains from your berry plants.

If you use your indoor grow lights properly, take good care of them, and prevent them from getting damaged or coming in contact with water, indoor grow lights are perfectly safe.


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