Berries and Candles Go Hand in Hand

Candle Enthusiasts Put Their Berries to Use

If you're a candle lover who also loves growing berries, I've got some great news. Candles and berries go hand in hand and you can use your berry harvests to further your candle pursuits. Confused? Think about it! Berry candle rings, berry-scented candles, berry-shaped candles... The list goes on! Berries and candles may just be a match made in heaven.

Which Berries Are Best?

So what types of berries are best for candle lovers? That actually depends on what you want to do with your berries. Berries with a strong, sweet smell are great for scenting your candles, but attractive berries are best for making candle rings.


In order to use your berries in making scented berry candles you're either going to need to extract the essence of the berries (a bit of a complicated process) or just crush your berries and melt them into the candles. I personally think crushed berries are easier and they actually make the candles prettier. Raspberries and cranberries are my favorites.

Candle Rings

Any bramble berries make excellent candle rings. Holly berries, of course, are popular around the holidays. Just make sure you dry them properly so they last a long time.

The next time you get out your candle making supplies, get out some berries too. You'll be surprised at how well berries and candles mix.

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