Berries in Autumn: Continue Enjoying Summer Into the Fall!

Want to Enjoy Berries in Autumn?

Fresh berries may signify the beginning of summer, but a lack thereof need not signify the end of berries in Autumn. With varieties of berry plants that are bred to bear crops in the fall, you can continue to enjoy fresh berries well past the end of summer

Delicate Raspberries That Ripen As The Days Grow Shorter

Raspberries are readily available in fall-bearing varieties. The Autumn Britten Fall Red, Polana Fall Red and Anne Fall Golden are all examples of raspberry plants that will begin to bear ripe fruit in July, when most other varieties are nearing the end of their productive seasons, and continue to provide crops through October.

Some quick online research will reveal whether these cultivars are suitable for your area, or, if not, which are ideal. These plants tend to be more sensitive to summer-type environmental conditions, such as extended periods of direct sunlight or extreme heat, so be sure to pay close attention to their planting requirements

You Can Eat Fresh Strawberries After June!

Some strawberry varieties can also produce fall crops. Choose an ever-bearing or day-neutral cultivar to extend your strawberry production season through July, August, and beyond (most varieties peak in production during June). These plants do not send off significant numbers of runners, and are therefore also suitable for container gardening or for gardeners with limited space.

Look Towards Next Year

If it is too late for you to plant fall-bearing berry plants, do not despair! Autumn can be an ideal period for preparing berry gardens for the upcoming year. All berries go through a dormant stage in the winter; planting your berry plants in the late fall will allow them to experience the season naturally and enable them to fully take root the following spring.

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