Berries Put a Healthy Twist On the Chocolate Fountain

How Berries Can Make Chocolate Healthy

It used to be that chocolate fountains were just for weddings and other special events, but with chocolate fountains becoming more and more affordable, berries can make an increasingly-popular gourmet dessert option a bit healthier. After all, chocolate-covered pretzels are wonderful and chocolate covered marshmallows can definitely be to die for, but aren't chocolate covered strawberries and other berries just as delightful?

Get Your Own

If you enjoy chocolate-covered berries, you'll be pleased to know that chocolate fountains are now cheaper than ever. I personally found one at a local department store on sale for $49.99 plus I had a 20-percent off coupon. Since then, I think even more affordable models have hit the market.

An Abundance of Berries to Choose From

If you do decide to buy a chocolate fountain, you should definitely consider foregoing the pretzels and marshmallows and definitely consider serving berries with your chocolate instead. There are so many berries that go wonderfully with chocolate. In fact, I can't think of a single berry that wouldn't taste scrumptious after being dipped in a melted chocolate fountain.

Wooden Skewers

When you server your berries at your chocolate fountain, make sure you have plenty of wooden toothpick skewers to go around. After all, you can't hold a rasberry in a fountain of chocolate without getting your fingers into the mix. Skewers will keep everything clean (and sanitary).

Refrigerate for Later

When you have your chocolate fountain running, go ahead and prepare some chocolate covered berries for later. Since it's not feasible to have a chocolate fountain running all the time, dipping your berries and then refrigerating them will ensure that you have chocolate-covered berries to enjoy long after the fountain has been turned off.


For great chocolate covered products, try Tuccelli. They sell the best pretzels, cookies, marshmallows and gourmet hot cocoa mix on the planet.

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