Berry Lovers Love Christmas Berries

Decorate Your Home with Christmas Berries this Holiday Season

If you're a serious berry lover decorating your home with Christmas berries only makes sense. After all, it's not just the taste and texture of berries that delight you, it's the beauty of them too. Here are some great Christmas berries ideas for decorating for the holidays.


You wouldn't believe how much Christmas berries can spruce up a wreath (no pun intended). I've bought some really sad looking wreaths at the garden center and have had them looking like masterpieces simply by weaving Christmas berries through them.

Not only are wreaths with Christmas berries a great holiday decoration, they can also work as a budget-friendly Christmas craft. Pre-decorated wreaths tend to be more costly. Just buy an inexpensive green wreath and add your own Christmas berries and you've got a great decoration at half the price.

Door Swags

Just like wreaths, it is very easy to weave Christmas berries through plain green door swags. It not only brightens up the swag, but it creates a very “Christmasy” atmosphere in the home. I have door swags over the two main doorways in my home and get compliments on them each and every year.

Table Décor

Another great way to incorporate Christmas berries into your holiday decorations is on your table top. Place settings adorned with berries and greenery are very attractive (just make sure your guests know not to eat them).

If you can make tiny wreaths with Christmas berries dangling from them, they make great wine glass charms and really add to the look and feel of a Christmas table.

This year, instead of just eating and serving berries, why not decorate your home with Christmas berries? It's a great way to add to the ambiance of the Christmas season.

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