Bonsai Berries: Growing Berries In Miniature

What In the World are Bonsai Berries?

A friend of mine has always had a passion for bonsai trees, but it wasn't until I saw one of her little beauties sprouting plums (yes, plums!) that my wheels started turning and I began thinking about bonsai berries. After all, if a bonsai tree can grow plums, perhaps berry trees grew in miniature and could sprout little bonsai berries. After all, stranger things have happened. Boy, was I in for a treat.

Berry Trees in Miniature

When I got home from my friends house, I began doing research on the different types of bonsai trees available, and did you know that there are quite a few that can produce berries and other fruits? Within just a few minutes of beginning my search, I was surprised to find blueberry bonsais and cherry bonsai plants among other less-common bonsai fruit trees.

Why Bonsai Berries?

So why should you consider growing bonsai berry trees at home? First of all, if you like anything in miniature, bonsai trees are going to be a huge hit with you. There's nothing more adorable than a little plant sprouting little fruit (even if there's not enough to make a pie or anything but a thimble-full of jam).

Bonsai trees are definitely decorative. If you don't have any room at all for a garden (like those who live in studio apartments or have other tight accomodations) bonsai berry trees can be a great way to fill your need to cultivate berries without needing room for an actual garden.

Where To Get Your Bonsai Berries

If you seriously want to grow some bonsai berry trees, your local garden center might not have them. You may have to go online. Just make sure you buy from a reputable bonsai website. Not all bonsais are created equal and you'll want to make sure your bonsai tree will be healthy when it arrives.

Also order a few books on bonsai care or do some research online. Growing bonsai trees isn't like growing full-sized berry plants. There are special techniques and care instructions you'll need to follow.

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