Choosing the Best Greenhouse Structure to Suit Your Needs

7 things to think about when deciding on a greenhouse structure

Choosing a greenhouse structure can be a little bit confusing if you don’t know much about greenhouses. The best greenhouse structure depends on the location and space you have to place the greenhouse structure, the money you’ve got budgeted to spend on a greenhouse, and the number and type of berry plants you’ll be growing in the greenhouse structure.

Berry Jerry looks at greenhouse structures…

Seven things to consider when choosing a greenhouse structure are:

1. Space

The space you have for a greenhouse structure is one of the main things to consider. There are attached greenhouse structures and free-standing greenhouse structures to choose from. If you’ve got adequate space, I would recommend free-standing greenhouse structures.

2. Location

To grow berries in a greenhouse, you need to locate the greenhouse in an area where it will get six to eight hours of sunlight each day. Shadows from trees or other structures need to be considered when selecting a location. The preferred greenhouse structure can be dependent on the location.

3. Berries

The types of berries you intend to grow in your greenhouse somewhat dictate the suitable greenhouse structure. For instance, strawberries can be grown in a window unit or portable greenhouse structures, but berry bushes such as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries require more growing space and a larger greenhouse structure.

4. Durability

Different greenhouse structures are made from various materials. Some materials used in a greenhouse structure are more durable offering more longevity than other materials.

5. Expandability

If you are starting out with a greenhouse structure that is small, but you might need more space later, you will want to consider the ease and expense of expanding the greenhouse structure to meet your future berry growing needs.

Shopping tip: When you are looking for a greenhouse, check out both new and used greenhouse structures and compare features and benefits as well as prices.

6. Cost

Of course the cost of a greenhouse structure and what you can afford plays a part in choosing a greenhouse structure. While the budget may be limited, the value in terms of quality and durability still needs to be considered when shopping for a greenhouse structure.

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