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5 reasons that container gardening is perfect for growing berries

Container gardening is a preferred gardening technique for many. In recent years, container gardening has grown in popularity.

Berry Jerry looks at the benefits of container gardening…

There are many benefits to container gardening, especially for growing berries. Here are my top five reasons for choosing container gardening for growing berries:

1. Berry plants are ornamental

Let’s face it, berry plants and shrubs are just down right pretty. When you grow berries using container gardening, you can place the containers in various places, either indoors or outdoors, to complement your decor or landscaping. Thus, they serve a dual purpose -- growing delicious berries, and providing decoration.

2. Container gardening minimizes your efforts

With container gardening, you usually don’t have to worry about weeds growing up around your berry plants. Soil problems are also less likely since the soil is contained.

3. Planting berries in containers is easy

When you use container gardening, as opposed to planting your berry plants and shrubs in the ground, you don’t have to till and mulch the soil. Fertilizing your berry plants in container gardening is relatively simple.

4. With container gardening your plants are portable

Berries need six to eight hours of sunlight each day, or they have to be supplemented with artificial sunlight. When you grow your berries in containers, you can relocate the containers during the day to ensure they get sufficient sunlight.

Factoid: Cranberries are useful in the prevention of urinary tract infections.

5. Container gardening saves space

Because you can plant berries in several different containers, you don’t have to worry about having a large space to plant your berries. Most berry plants require about 2 foot of space between each plant, but some berry shrubs require as much as five feet between shrubs. When you use container gardening, you can plant individual plants or shrubs in containers so spacing isn’t a problem.


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