Do I Really Need Greenhouse Kits?

The critical decision: greenhouse kits versus a do-it-yourself greenhouse

Greenhouse kits are pretty nice to have when you first get started growing berries in greenhouses. However, sometimes you can save some money by setting up your greenhouse yourself without a kit.

Berry Jerry on greenhouse kits…

With greenhouse kits, like with anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of greenhouse kits is that the greenhouse kit comes with basically everything you need to build a greenhouse. It just has to be assembled.

Greenhouse kits may be a bit more costly than building your own greenhouse because when you buy supplies separately for constructing a greenhouse you can shop around and get the best deal on the various components. You can also cut some corners by using building materials you already have on hand when you build your own greenhouse.

Basically a greenhouse only consists of the frame, the covering and the hardware and supplies to put it all together. Of course if you build the greenhouse yourself, you’ll have to pay close attention to the dimensions when cutting the framing and covering materials. Unless you’re a natural craftsman, using greenhouse kits can be a lot easier and quicker.

Did you know? Greenhouse kits come in many varieties. You can get greenhouse kits with wood frames, aluminum frames, steel frames, or even fiberglass frames. There are also different types of coverings available in greenhouse kits. Some greenhouse kits are portable, pop-up greenhouses that don’t even require assembly. And, some greenhouse kits even come with grow lights, fans, misters, and temperature control equipment.

When you build your own greenhouse, if it is a permanent fixture, you most likely need to get a building permit. The authority who issues the building permit should be able to direct you to guidelines that may apply when you build the greenhouse. Greenhouses constructed from greenhouse kits are usually portable and may or may not require a building permit.

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