Do It Yourself Greenhouse Gardening

A quick and easy do it yourself greenhouse setup

A do it yourself greenhouse isn’t too difficult to devise. Of course, if you are serious about berry growing, buying, building or having a good greenhouse built is a good idea. However, if you want to dabble in berry growing as a hobby to see if it is for you, a do it yourself greenhouse can be an inexpensive way to test the waters.

Berry Jerry’s quick and easy do it yourself greenhouse setup…

The main thing to consider with a do it yourself greenhouse setup is safety. As long as your do it yourself greenhouse doesn’t present any safety hazards, durability, longevity and all the rest doesn’t matter too much since you won’t be spending much money on it and its purpose is to give berry growing a try.

You can always use a simple, do it yourself greenhouse temporarily while you save money to buy or build a greenhouse for long-term berry growing.

To get a taste for growing berries in a do it yourself greenhouse, all you really need is a structural frame and greenhouse covering. The do it yourself greenhouse doesn’t even have to be large enough to walk into as long as you can get to your berry plants.

For a temporary quick and easy do it yourself greenhouse I recommend growing strawberries only because shrubs that are common to other types of berries require more growing space and a stand-up greenhouse.

Did you know? Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all grow on bushy shrubs. Strawberries grow on small plants and cranberries grow in bogs.

A simple do it yourself greenhouse can be made easily by building a small rectangular frame using lumber. The frame can be covered with corrugated polycarbonate or acrylic covering. An access door of some type needs to be added to the do it yourself greenhouse structure, or you can make the top of a small structure removable which will make your plants easily accessible so you can water them, care for them, and of course, harvest your strawberries.

Once you decide that you really do like growing berries, you can move from your do it yourself greenhouse to a more permanent, higher quality structural greenhouse.

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