Do You Follow the Rules of Strawberry Picking?

Helpful Strawberry Picking Tips

Everyone loves to go fruit picking but did you know that there are certain rules to picking strawberries? These rules are important because strawberries will be preserved longer if they are picked correctly. There is also a special strawberry etiquette when you go strawberry picking. Here's what you need to know...

Careful Picking

Since berries are delicate and can be harmed while walking through the berry rows, make sure that you do not accidentally hit any of the berries with your hands, elbows, knees or feet. You should only pick those strawberries that are completely red and leave the ones that still show green alone. You should also keep strawberries cool and refrigerated so that they do not become damaged and soft.

Big Baskets

Make sure you have plenty of room for all of the berries that you will be picking. You do not want to squish them or else they will bruise. Also remember not to throw the strawberries into the container or else they will become damaged.

Proper Plucking

To pick the strawberry, you should place your ring finger and thumb at the stem of the berry and gently twist the stem off. Then you can let the berry fall off onto your hand rather than squeezing it off and causing possible damage. Pick strawberries during a cold or cloudy day. During the hotter weather, the strawberry is much softer and more susceptible to damage from the picking.

If you follow these quick steps, you will have a wonderful time out picking strawberries for healthy snaking and savory dishes.

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