Does The End Of Summer Mean The End Of Fresh Berries?

Enjoy Fresh Berries Into the Fall

Think fresh berries end in the summer? Those of you who know me (and those who read this blog) know that I'm dead-set on proving a well-planned garden will produce fresh berries long past the height of summer and well into the fall. Here are some plants you might want to consider adding to your garden if you want berry harvests well into the fall.

Have Fall Fruit And Fall Color With Goosberries And Blueberries

Gooseberries begin to produce fruit early, but have a long season, so you will still be able to harvest gooseberries after the strawberries and blackberries have stopped yielding their fruits. In addition, these bushes are a colorful part of the fall landscape, with the leaves turning a brilliant bronze.

Blueberries are another harbinger of the late summer/early fall harvest berry harvest seasons. These dense shrubs are easy to harvest, producing delectably sweet berries that are famous for staining the hands and cheeks of overzealous children. The plants are particularly sensitive to soil pH, however, so attention must be paid to the soil conditions of the chosen planting location.

A Summer Favorite Long Into The Fall

Finally, fall raspberries will produce fruit to harvest up until the first frost of the fall. The canes begin producing berries in the mid-late summer, and will yield ripe berries as long as your local season allows, although areas with late first frosts (October/November) may find that these raspberries time their fruit production with the day length and stop producing fruits in early October.

Make Berry Picking A Family Event

If you haven't planted these berries plants in your garden, check with local farms that cater to self-picking fruit and vegetables. Many of them have berry patches that are available for you to bring your own bucket and spend a crisp early fall afternoon picking berries. This is a great family activity! Then, once you have your berry harvest, head home and make some traditional desserts, or simply sit outside and enjoy the fresh berries right from your bucket.

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