Fall Berry Growing for the Home Gardener

Berry Growing Is Definitely “Berry” Fun!

If you thought fall was just for apple picking and pumpkin harvests, try berry growing. Berry growing can be the perfect match for the home gardener, and it’s not just for spring!

The Advantages of Berry Growing In the Fall

Berry growing in the fall months can have significant advantages. During the fall, the home gardener can be limited in many ways when it comes to gardening opportunities. Berry growing can fill in the gap during this transitional time. There are certain varieties of berries that make fall a perfect time for growing berries. Fall-bearing raspberry patches don’t take up a lot of space and they can yield bigger raspberries over a longer season. You can have batches of raspberries with this variety right up until the first frost.

The dessert possibilities from fall berries are endless. Think pies, cobbler, and berries and cream! If you are interested in producing berries specifically for the birds, consider planting a Virginia creeper. This fast-growing vine produces berries in the fall that birds absolutely love.


Berry growing in the autumn months can even include strawberries! Fall is a good time to plant strawberries. They are like a true perennial and won’t produce fruit during the first year. During the fall, the strawberry plants will develop strong roots, which will lead to more growth the next spring. Although typical production occurs in the summer, if you moisturize and fertilize properly, you can harvest strawberries from your strawberry plants until the fall.


Berry growing would not be complete without cranberries. This perennial, evergreen plant is in high demand. The planting needs to be done in the spring, but cranberries are harvested in late September and early October. Because cranberries have so many wonderful uses including cranberry sauce and fresh juice, it is definitely one fruit you don’t want to pass up.

Don’t Kiss Your Garden Goodbye

As you can see, even though spring has left and summer is fleeing fast, you don’t have to kiss your garden goodbye. Try these fall berry growing tips and you’ll get many more weeks of gardening delight.

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