Five Great Ways to Enjoy Spring and Summer Berries

Some Berry Good Ways To Eat Your Berries

I love berries and I love this time of year because the berries are about ready to show up in abundance. The best part about it is that there are so many ways to enjoy berries, you don't ever have to get bored with them. Here are five of my favorite ways to eat my favorite berries in the spring and summer months.

Berries and Yogurt

It never fails -- at least two or three times a week I eat yogurt and fresh berries mixed together for breakfast. It's a wonderful way to grab a quick but healthy morning meal. My favorite yogurt is Stonyfield Farms Bannila Organic Lowfat Yogurt. I mix it with strawberries and it's better than any omelet my wife could whip up (but don't tell her that) and healthier too.

Berries and Sorbet

This berry treat is perfect for those hot summer nights. Get some gourmet sorbet and top it with some fresh raspberries. It's a treat your whole family can enjoy.

Berry Smoothies

Who doesn't love a smoothie every now and then? They're not just for women and metrosexuals --they're for the manliest of men too. I can spew testosterone with the best of them, but I still enjoy a nice blueberry smoothie every now and then.

Blended Berry Popsicles

This is a great treat for the kids. Get your food processor and liquefy a berry mix (my favorite is strawberry/raspberry/blueberry) and add a bit of water. Take out a few ice cube trays and fill the trays with the mixture. Put toothpicks in each one and use cellophane to hold it in place. Pop them in the freezer overnight and come morning you have a healthy berry treat for everyone.

And there you have it - four of my favorite ways to enjoy blueberries during the summer months. Of course I'm always interested in hearing your favorites too so drop me a line and share your favorite berry recipes for everyone to enjoy.

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