Chinese Gooseberries: Not Just For New Zealand Anymore

It may seem odd to call something the size of a tomato a berry, but that's exactly what Chinese Gooseberries are (technically, that's what tomatoes are, too). Better known these days as kiwis or kiwifruit, due to a successful marketing initiative in the 1950s, these giant furry berries are both tasty and nutritious.

More to the point, you can grow your own right here in America. They may seem exotic, but there's no reason they have to be grown halfway across the world.

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Who Else Wants Gooseberries?

Have You Tried Gooseberries Yet?

Think gooseberries are just a fairytale food? Guess again! If you live in the United States, you may think gooseberries (also known as fayberries) are just legendary berry plants that fairies used to hide in. Believe it or not, gooseberries are an actual fruit and not only are they real, they're absolutely delicious.

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