Greenhouse Designs That Will Work For You

4 of the most practical greenhouse designs for a hobby greenhouse

Greenhouse designs are plentiful. Some greenhouse designs are better than others depending on your own individual needs. So, selecting the best greenhouse designs for your greenhouse is a matter of personal choice.

Berry Jerry’s favorite greenhouse designs for a hobby greenhouse…

When choosing greenhouse designs for your hobby greenhouse there are a few things to consider. First is the location where you intend to place the greenhouse. Space is a factor. Second is the size of greenhouse needed. This depends on the number of berry plants or shrubs you intend to plant. Third is climate. Greenhouse designs should have covering with sufficient insulation values for the climate in which the greenhouse will be.

Basically there are two types of greenhouse designs -- attached or freestanding. Following are some of the common greenhouse designs that fall into these two categories.


1. Lean-to greenhouse designs

A lean-to greenhouse design is ideal if the greenhouse will be attached to another structure like a house, garage or barn. The lean-to style greenhouse designs have a slope rather than a pitched roof. The slope and relative width of lean-to greenhouse designs may be limited by the height of the structure to which it is attached.

2. Even-span greenhouse designs

Even-span greenhouse designs annihilate the limitation that is associated with lean-to greenhouse designs because the end of the even-span greenhouse is attached to another structure which enables the greenhouse design to have a pitched, rather than a sloped, roof.

3. Window mounted greenhouse designs

Window mounted greenhouse designs are nice for a small, hobby greenhouse. They are pretty inexpensive and they are decorative. However, with window mounted greenhouse designs, the type and number of berry plants you can grow is pretty limited.

Shopping Tip: There are a lot of greenhouse designs and building plans available on the internet.


4. Free-standing greenhouse designs

Free-standing greenhouse designs are my favorite. They are the greenhouse designs that are the most versatile. It is usually pretty easy to make sure that a freestanding greenhouse gets sufficient sunlight all day as it is not generally shadowed by an attached structure. The size is limited only by the space, so with free-standing greenhouse designs you can plant a variety of berry plants and shrubs.

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