Greenhouse Gardening for Berries

7 greenhouse gardening tips for growing luscious berries

Greenhouse gardening is a gardening technique that enables you to grow a variety of different berries year round. With greenhouse gardening, you control the temperature and atmosphere, including humidity, which makes it easy to grow berries no matter where you live or what the climate is.

Berry Jerry’s greenhouse gardening tips…

When I first considered greenhouse gardening, I was a little worried about whether or not I could really grow berries in a greenhouse, but my biggest question was, whether or not I really needed a greenhouse to grow my wonderful berries.

Of course, if you live in a climate that is just perfectly suitable for growing berries year round, you may not need greenhouse gardening, but conditions that are perfect for growing berries are not so common. Thus, greenhouse gardening gives us the option to grow berries where maybe berries wouldn’t normally grow.

To be successful in growing berries with greenhouse gardening, here are some tips:

1. Locating your greenhouse

The location of your greenhouse is important for successful greenhouse gardening. Berries need at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day to be healthy, sweet and plump. If you cannot put your greenhouse in a location that gets sufficient sunlight, you’ll have to provide artificial sunlight to supplement the natural sunlight.

2. Prepare your soil

The pH value of your soil matters when using greenhouse gardening to grow berries. Thus, organic matter and fertilizers used in the soil should be the type recommended for the specific berry plants you use.

3. Ensure proper drainage

With greenhouse gardening and growing berries, drainage is important. If you use containers in your greenhouse gardening, be sure that the containers have the ability to drain without the containers sitting in the water that has drained from the container.

4. Selecting hardy plants

Be sure that the plants you choose for your greenhouse gardening are healthy and hearty from the start.

5. Space your plants properly

The space between plants can be important for successful greenhouse gardening. All berries plants, with the exception of blueberry bushes, should be spaced at least two to three feet apart. Blueberry bushes require more space, usually placing them five feet apart is sufficient.

6. Don’t over-water your berry plants

With the exception of cranberries which grow in bogs, most berries need about an inch of water each week. If it is really hot, or the soil is really dry, you may need more water than that for your greenhouse gardening, but be sure you don’t over-water your berries.

Did you know? Lady bugs eat aphids.

7. Purchase beneficial insects

Believe it or not there are some insects that are beneficial in controlling pests that are harmful in greenhouse gardening. Purchasing beneficial insects from a gardening center, like lady bugs and lacewings that feed on other insects, can help to control pest problems without harmful pesticides.

These greenhouse gardening tips will help you to grow health, luscious berries.

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