Growing Berries Isn't Just Summertime Fun

Growing Berries in the Winter

If you think berry growing ends when the warm months go away, you're in for a pleasant surprise. You can grow berries 365 days a year without taking a break should you want to. Here's some tips for those of you who, like me, don't want the berry growing fun to end.

Indoor Berry Boxes

You know how some people have little trees in pots in their homes? I have potted berry bushes. Yep, that's right. Potted berry bushes that grow raspberries and potted berry plants that grow strawberries. I can't live without my berries and its' the only way for me to grow em throughout the year.

Indoor berry boxes are very easy. Just buy some attractive planters and care for your berries just as you would if they were outdoors. Just make sure you provide them with natural sunlight or a natural lamp. Berries need light to grow!

A Hobby Greenhouse

Of course, a hobby greenhouse is another wonderful way to grow berries all year. And they're not even that expensive. You can get a really nice hobby greenhouse for less than $200 and modest ones for under $100.

A Greenhouse Co-Op

A friend of mine has access to a commercial-type greenhouse through a co-op she belongs to. If you have one in your area, I suggest taking advantage of it. she gets plump, ripe berries year round and the other co-op members love the fact that she does most of the work (her own choice).

So remember, berry growing isn't just for the warm months. Berry growing is indeed a year-round treat. Just make sure you know what your options are and which ones are right for you. Then forge ahead and berry grow till your heart's content.

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