Growing Goji Berries Indoors

Tips for Indoor Goji Berries

Ever want to grow Goji berries indoors? We've covered the topic before, but not in-depth. If you want specific instructions on how to grow Goji berries indoors successfully, then this is the info you've been waiting for...

What You'll Need

If you want to grow Goji berries indoors, you need to get your supplies together. Here's a shopping list of everything you're going to need:

-- A pot to grow your Goji berry plant (or multiple pots for multiple plants)

-- Goji berry seeds or seedlings

-- Potting soil (Goji berries can be grown in most types of soil so regular potting soil should do just fine)

-- A full-spectrum light (if adequate lighting is not available in your home)

-- Organic fertilizer

Growing Your Goji Berries

Goji berries grow like shrubs so you'll want one plant in each pot. Make sure they get enough water (the soil should always be moist) and you'll have to put your plant in the sun (or under the light) for 8 hours a day. Also make sure you provide enough organic matter to provide ample nutrition for the plant.

Chemical fertilizers are NOT recommended when growing Goji berries. We grow the berries for their health properties. Chemical fertilizers can invalidate all of our hard work and that's not something any berry grower wants to see. It's not a pretty thought, but manure is much better for your berry plants than a chemical fertilizer will ever be.


Because you're growing your Goji berries indoors the plants can't pollinate on their own. This means you have to do it for them. Don't worry -- it's not as hard as it sounds. Simply touch the flowers against one another (gently) and they'll be pollinated.

Then it's just a matter of the upkeep and, of course, picking the Goji berries that grow on your indoor Goji plant!

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