Have You Considered Mail Order Berries?

Are Mail Order Berries Everything They're Cracked Up to Be?

It never fails -- a month doesn't go by where I don't receive an advertisement for mail order berries. These colorful ads promise plump, sweet, delicious beautiful berries both indoors and out. I always wonder if the berry plants these ads promise are everything they're cracked up to be. Well -- I did some digging and the answers may surprise you. If you want to learn what I found out about mail order berries -- read on!

You Get What You Pay For

First and foremost, let me say that from what I have experienced -- you get what you pay for in the world of mail order berries. One mail order offer promised scrumptious strawberry plants at 12 plants for less than $10. Needless to say, the few berries these plants produced didn't look anything like the berries in the picture.

Now, on the other hand, the blueberry plant that I paid $20 for did indeed produce delicious juicy berries that were every bit as pretty as the picture. The differences between the quality of the two orders was like night and day. If you're going to order mail order berries, for over the extra few bucks and get berry plants that will actually deliver what the pictures promise.

Understand The Limitations

Now, no matter what the advertisements say, understand the limitations of mail order berries. If an ad says that you can grow 3-inch strawberries on your kitchen counter, I would seriously question the fact. Unless you have a really big kitchen counter with a huge container garden on it, three-inch strawberries just aren't going to happen.

That being said, you can grow a pretty decent berry garden using mail order berries. Just make sure you plant the berry plants properly (inside or out) and that you take care of them. With the right amount of soil, sun and water mail order berries can definitely produce you with a bountiful berry harvest.

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