Have You Ever Considered Container Gardening?

Container Gardening Explained

So you’re interested in indoor berry growing, but you’re new to gardening and container gardening? You are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. Relax, container gardening is easier than you may think. We've got some tips that will have you managing a container garden like a pro.

Start with Herbs

Herbs are a wonderful way to easer yourself into container gardening. If you buy fresh herbs, you probably have noticed how expensive they are. Many people don’t realize that it is relatively easy to grow herbs at home -- and it’s also very inexpensive.

To grow herbs with container gardening, you don’t need a lot of space. I know several friends who live in small apartments and grow containers of herbs. As long as you have a window that receives about four to six hours of sunlight each day, you should be able to get started with container gardening.

What to Start With

Herbs you use regularly such as basil, parsley, and oregano can all be grown at home. One of the greatest advantages to growing herbs at home is that you can snip off exactly what you need to prepare a meal. The fresh taste is going to be so much better than the “fresh” herbs you bought at the grocery store that have been sitting on your kitchen counter for four days.

What You Need to Get Started

Keep in mind that garden soil you would use outdoors is not the right choice for container gardening indoors. You will need a potting mixture that is specifically for indoor container gardening. The bottom of your container will also need to have holes in order to allow for proper drainage.

You'll also need to choose a few herbs to get started with. Start container gardening with just one or two herbs that you use the most. Then, as you get comfortable with container gardening, add more herbs to your collection.

Once your herb garden is well under way, you can try container gardening with berries. After you've practiced on herbs, you should have enough experience to make an indoor berry garden flourish.

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