Have You Pruned Your Berry Plants?

Some Berry Plants Need Regular Pruning

Have you pruned your berry plants yet? If you haven't, you may be stunting your bountiful berry harvest. There are some berry plants that need regular pruning, lest brambles get in the way of a great crop. However, pruning your berry plants doesn't have to be a tiresome task. Here are some pointers to help you out.

To Prune Or Not To Prune?

There are some berry plants out there that definitely need pruning, such as raspberries and blackberries. But when and how do you prune? That all depends on exactly when you are pruning.

Early Spring Pruning

It's a bit late to start this now, so if you haven't yet performed your early spring berry pruning, you're going to want to wait till late this coming winter or early next spring.

For your spring pruning, you should prune all of the branches that produced berries last year. These branches will not produce berries again. You can tell the branches that produced berries by their grey, peeling bark.

Also make sure you remove any "wimpy" branches and leave only the healthiest, thickest "virgin" branches in tact.

Summer Pruning

Your berry plants should also be pruned during the summer. Keep an eye on your berry plants and prune away any broken branches and any branches that look like they may have disease or rot.

Remember, when you do go about your pruning business, make sure you use sharp shears and wear gloves for goodness sakes! I can't tell you how many times I've seen stubborn berry gardeners with scratches all up and down their arms because they didn't think gloves were necessary.

By following this advice, your berry plants will be well on the way to producing a wonderful harvest year after year.

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