How to Build a Greenhouse for Berry Gardening

Step-by-step instructions for how to build a greenhouse

Most folks don’t know how to build a greenhouse, but if you are growing berries year-round, especially in climates where berries don’t normally grow, it may be beneficial for you to learn how to build a greenhouse. Alternatives to learning how to build a greenhouse include purchasing greenhouse kits or hiring a building contractor to build your greenhouse. However, it isn’t too difficult to learn how to build a greenhouse, and building your own can sometimes save you money.

Berry Jerry explains how to build a greenhouse…

The first thing to consider when learning how to build a greenhouse is location. A greenhouse used for berry growing needs to be located in an area where it will get six to eight hours of sunlight each day. If the sunlight is not sufficient, it will be necessary to provide artificial sunlight using plant grow lights. While that is a possibility, it adds to the cost of equipping and maintaining the greenhouse, so choosing a location that provides adequate sun exposure is your best bet.

When you start checking into resources that will teach you how to build a greenhouse, you will find that there are different types of greenhouses. Lean-to greenhouses are attached to another structure and they are really half greenhouses because they don’t have a pitched roof. Even-span greenhouses are attached to another structure, but they do have a pitched roof, and then there are free standing structures. Whichever type of greenhouse you choose, you need to either develop plans for how to build it, or order professionally prepared plans that tell you specifically how to build a greenhouse.

The next step in how to build a greenhouse is to choose the materials you will use for your greenhouse frame and coverings. For the framing materials you should consider the longevity and durability of the material as well as its cost effectiveness in accordance with your budget. For the covering, the main considerations are durability and insulation.

In most areas, a building permit must be obtained from the local building authorities prior to building a greenhouse, so that’s an important point to make in instructions on how to build a greenhouse. To get a permit, you will need to present the plans for the greenhouse along with specifications for where the greenhouse will be located.

Did you know? Usually a permanent foundation is needed for a greenhouse; however, flooring is not recommended due to the wet conditions in a greenhouse.

Once you have the greenhouse plans, materials and building permit, you can follow the instructions in your building plans that explain step-by-step how to build a greenhouse.

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