How to Grow Lip Smackin’ Good Cranberries

The 6 most important conditions for growing cranberries

Cranberries are one of those fruits that lots of people only think about around the holidays. No doubt, a fabulous turkey dinner just wouldn’t be the same without cranberries for cranberry sauce and side dishes. But really, cranberries are good all the time and they have excellent nutritional value.

Berry Jerry’s tips for growing delicious cranberries…

Cranberries aren’t hard to grow, but they are certainly different compared to other berries. Here are some important things you need to know about cranberries.

1. Cranberries grow on a plant that is an evergreen ground cover.

Unlike strawberries that grow on plants, and blueberries, blackberries and raspberries that grow on bushes, cranberries grow on a plant that is like a ground cover.

2. The vines of cranberries are runners or uprights

Cranberry plants have runners and from the runners uprights grow. The blooms and cranberries actually grow on the uprights that extend from the runners.

3. Cranberries grow in a bog

Cranberry plants thrive in wetlands. Cranberries need at least an inch of water a week to grow. A layer of sand should be placed in a drained bog prior to planting vines for cranberries.

4. Cranberries don’t produce right away

Most times, it takes cranberries three to five years to produce a full crop of berries.

5. The vines of cranberries have to be protected from frost

In frosty seasons, you can protect your cranberry vines from frost by flooding the bogs and allowing the water to freeze and then draining the water under the protective coating.

Did you know? The majority of the cranberries produced in the United States are grown in the state of Wisconsin. Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, and New Jersey also provide a large number of cranberries to the American marketplace.

6. Cranberries need to be irrigated in the summer

Irrigating your cranberries during the summer will ensure that the cranberry vines produce nice cranberries during their season.

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