How to Grow Strawberries in a Container Garden

5 simple steps on how to grow strawberries no matter where in the world you live

Learn how to grow strawberries in a container garden. When you know how to grow strawberries in a container garden you really can grow them anywhere, even if you live in an apartment with no yard.

Berry Jerry explains how to grow strawberries no matter where you live…

It is easy to learn how to grow strawberries in a container garden and you are sure to produce luscious, mouthwatering strawberries if you follow these five simple steps.

1. Choose your containers

The first thing you need to know about how to grow strawberries is that the soil has to be able to drain. So, you can use any type of container like hanging baskets, flower pots, barrels or tubs as long as they have a hole in the bottom that will enable the container to drain. You will need something like a saucer to catch the drainage, but the container can’t sit in the saucer. It has to be raised a bit above the saucer so the container doesn’t sit in water. A pedestal can be used to raise the container up from the saucer.

A second consideration in how to grow strawberries in a container has to do with sunlight. If your container can’t be permanently placed in a location where it gets sunlight for six to eight hours a day, then you will need to use plant lights, or you will need to be able to move the container to ensure that it gets enough sun. So, if you plan on moving your containers during the day to expose them to sunlight, make sure your containers aren’t too heavy to lift and move easily.

2. Choose your strawberry plants

Basically there are two types of strawberry plants, seasonal producers and everbearing plants. The everbearing plants produce good fruit for freezing or canning. For fresh berries, the seasonal producing plants are best but they generally only produce once in the season. So, you may want to plant more than one type of strawberry plant so that you can have berries year round. Online nurseries usually have quite a variety of strawberry plants and can tell you which ones are best in regard to how to grow strawberries in your area.

3. Prepare the soil

In learning how to grow strawberries you will find that strawberries grow best in loamy, well-drained soil that contains organic matter. Working 5-10-5 fertilizer or 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate into the soil prior to planting the strawberries works well. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package.

4. Plant the strawberries in the containers

Fill the containers with soil and plant the strawberry plants ensuring that the roots of each plant are well covered. In general, each plant should be placed 2 feet apart. So, unless you are using large containers, you may want to plant only one strawberry plant per container.

Fun Fact: In the springtime, strawberries are the first fruit to ripen.

5. Water your strawberries

When you know how to grow strawberries, you’ll understand that strawberries need to be watered just enough to keep the soil damp. Strawberries don’t grow well if you over-water them. The water should drain away from the soil so they aren’t standing in water.

6. Make sure your strawberries get sufficient light and darkness

Strawberry plants need six to eight hours of sunlight per day. They also need to be in the dark from sunset to sunrise. If your strawberries can be put in the direct sunlight during the day, that is best. If not, use plant grow lights. The lights can be placed on a timer so they go off at sundown and come back on at sunrise.


i wish to enjoy such a taste i would get from a strawberry just like your photo, i am a first timer and will enjoy what i can create i wish to market my all year ones and enjoy the seasonal as it comes around can't wait... wish me luck

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