Indoor Berry Growing In Winter

You Don’t Have to Give up Fresh Berries during the Winter!

Indoor berry growing might be the perfect solution if you’re hesitant to give up berry growing when winter begins approaching. If you cringe at the thought of waiting another year before growing berries again, you may be happy to know that you can successfully grow berries during the winter months too. It’s just a matter of knowing how to do it.

Start Planning

Indoor berry growing can be accomplished with careful planning and consideration. Growing berries indoors can be accomplished with a hydroponic system set up indoors. Maintaining an ideal temperature is very important. The temperature has to be just right -- not too high or too low -- in order to facilitate growth.

Strawberries at Home

Many people don’t realize that strawberries are a perfect plant for growing in containers. Strawberries seem to be the most popular item to grow indoors, although you are certainly not limited to strawberries. Red alpine strawberries have been found by many veteran gardeners to be the best choice for indoor berry growing.

When growing berries indoors, the berries produced might be smaller than the ones you are used to, but rest assured there will be no compromise in taste. If you or your family can’t consume all of the berries that are yielded, you can always freeze them or create jams or jellies. Don’t wash berries before freezing because it can affect their quality when they are later thawed. Cut them in half and arrange on a cookie sheet. After a few hours in the freezer, remove and store in freezer bags or plastic containers suitable for freezer storage.

Indoor berry growing can be enjoyed during the winter months. As a home gardener, challenging yourself with something new such as indoor berry growing is sure to provide an educational and exciting change to your yearly growing and gardening routines.


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