Indoor Gardening and the Jerusalem Cherry Plant

Start Your Indoor Gardening Now to Have an “Indoor Christmas Tree” Next December.

If you enjoy indoor gardening, you may want to consider adding the Jerusalem cherry plant to your lineup of indoor plants. The Jerusalem cherry plant has the look and feel of a deciduous Christmas tree. The daily maintenance is minimal and all that is required is sunlight and your passion for growing plants.

Preparing for Christmas Celebrations

You can make your indoor gardening a bit festive by trying to grow an “indoor Christmas tree” for next Christmas season, but first, let me provide you with a little background on the Jerusalem cherry plant.

The Jerusalem cherry plant belongs to the Solanum, genus which is the same genus as potatoes and eggplants. Traditionally, Jerusalem Cherry plants are treated indoors and discarded once the fruiting process begins. The tree could grow up to foot and a half in height under optimal conditions.

While you don’t have time to grow one for this Christmas season, you should begin your indoor gardening of this plant soon for next year’s season. It is common to start growing the Jerusalem Christmas plant in January for next year’s Christmas season.

Growing Tips

Commercial potting soil works wonders for Jerusalem cherry plants. While the seeds must be pressed into the potting medium, you should definitely avoid covering. You need a 70-degree temperature for the germination process to continue. If you do not see any growth in two weeks, continue to be patient because the growth may not be visible until up to four weeks after planting.

Once the leaves of the Jerusalem Cherry plant are fully exposed, the plants must be transferred to your sun window. Maintain an indoor temperature of at least 62 degrees and depending upon your climate, you may need to provide humidity by placing the plants on trays of moist pebbles.

A Bit of Caution

It is very imperative to keep the Jerusalem cherry tree away from children and pets because the berries are poisonous. If any family member inadvertently touches the plant, remind them about the importance of hand washing, especially if you have guests who have children.

Hopefully with some persistence and effort you can enjoy the efforts of your indoor gardening with a Jerusalem Cherry plant next Christmas season.

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