Infuse Your Winter Teas With Berries

Real Berry Lovers Take Their Tea With Berries

If you're a true berry lover you know just how wonderful a berry-flavored tea can be. The problem is, most of the teas on the grocery store shelves have artificial berry flavoring, which doesn't come close to the real thing. If you want real berries infused into your winter teas, here are some things to keep in mind.

Throw Those Teabags Out

First and foremost, you're going to need a tea ball and some leaf teas. Only then will you be prepared to infuse fresh berries into your tea. Tea balls can be found at most home and kitchen stores. Linens and Things and even carry quality tea balls at reasonable prices.

When you do shop for a tea ball, make sure you buy ones large enough to hold tea leaves and your berries. The size must be right if you want to infuse berries into your hot tea creations. If you end up with a tea ball the size of an acorn, it's not going to be big enough to hold your tea leaves and your berries.

Not All Berries Were Meant for Tea

Now before you get all crazy with your berries and your tea ball, remember that not all berries are a perfect match for tea. I personally like raspberry and blueberry infused teas, but have yet to find a tea that I like to infuse with strawberry. Start out with sensible tea/berry blends and then get creative when you know what flavors to expect from the berries.

Making Your Tea

Once you have some leaf teas and your tea ball (and of course some berries) add berries to the leaf tea you put in your tea ball. Steep the tea for at least five minutes and you'll have a berry infused tea delight.

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