Is Building a Greenhouse Hard to Do?

8 steps for building a greenhouse

Building a greenhouse is not too difficult. The level of skill required depends a lot on the style and complexity of the plans you use for building a greenhouse. Regardless of the plan, there are eight steps for building a greenhouse that always apply.

Berry Jerry’s 8 steps for building a greenhouse yourself…

1. The first step in building a greenhouse is to choose a location for the greenhouse. The greenhouse needs to be located in an area where it will get six to eight hours of sunlight a day. If this isn’t possible, it is best to place the greenhouse where it will be in the morning sun and then use plant lights to supplement sunlight to ensure that the berry plants get sufficient exposure to light.

Other considerations regarding location include the distance to utilities (water and electricity) and the ability for the area to drain.

2. The second step in building a greenhouse is to select a design for your greenhouse. You may be creative and develop your own design, or you may purchase greenhouse plans that will give you the design and the instructions for building a greenhouse.

3. The third step in building a greenhouse is to determine what type of material you will use to build the greenhouse frame. Greenhouse frames can be constructed from a variety of different materials. The most common are wood or aluminum. Wood frames require more upkeep than aluminum, but can be less expensive and easier to build. Galvanized steel can also be used for the frame.

4. The fourth step in building a greenhouse is to decide on what type of greenhouse covering you will use. Common greenhouse coverings include polyethylene, polycarbonate, glass or insulated glass. When choosing your greenhouse covering you need to consider the climate and weather conditions and whether or not you need insulated covering.

5. The fifth step in building a greenhouse is to get a building permit from your local building authorities. When you apply for a building permit, you usually have to attach a copy of your plans for building a greenhouse.

6. The sixth step for building a greenhouse is to purchase your materials. Shop around to get the best deals available for your greenhouse building materials.

7. The seventh step for building a greenhouse is to assemble the greenhouse. You need to make sure that the frame is secure and adequately attached to the ground for stability. Then, you can install the greenhouse coverings.

8. The eighth step for building a greenhouse is to install your greenhouse accessories. This may include grow lights, misting systems, temperature control systems, benches and so forth.

Building a greenhouse is not too difficult if you are adept in the skill of basic construction.

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