It's Time to Prune Those Blueberry Plants

Did You Know January Is The Best Month To Prune Your Blueberry Plants?

If you have established blueberry plants growing in your home garden, now is the time to start pruning. In case you didn't know, January is one of the best months to prune those plants so you can keep new growth coming in. If you don't prune now, you might not have as many blueberries as you should when July rolls around. If you want to get as many blueberries as possible from your blueberry plants, here are some tips to keep in mind.

What Should You Cut?

When it comes to pruning your blueberry plants, it's important to understand what you should cut and what you should leave. If you cut too much, you'll harm the plant -- too little and the pruning won't do much good.

The goal is to cut out any wood that is dead or has been damaged or diseased. You'll also want to cut out branches that are four years or older if these shoots are producing few fruit buds. These canes should be cut back to the ground so your blueberry plants can flourish.

You should also remove weak, twiggy wood that is at the top of the blueberry plant so light can reach the center of it. If light can't get to the center of your blueberry plants, you won't get as much fruit as you should be.

In Upcoming Months

After you're done with your January pruning, make sure you plan for your March/April fertilization. You'll want to apply fertilizer to your plants when new buds develop to ensure a great harvest year. By keeping these things in mind and planning properly, you can enjoy a wonderful blueberry harvest when July rolls around.

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