Move Over the Pumpkins and Make Room for the Raspberries

Why Growing Raspberries in the Fall Is a Great Idea

Growing raspberries in the fall is not an impossible dream. While we typically think of pumpkins, pears, and apples when we think of the fall growing season, raspberry plants can also be great producers in the fall season.

The Best Fruits May Be Growing on The Path Less Traveled

I will admit -- growing raspberries in the fall is not exactly the most popular gardening endeavor. That is probably just due to the fact that many people simply don’t realize it’s possible. However that has recently started to change.

More and more people are beginning to recognize that there are many benefits to growing raspberries in the fall. Thanks to the wonders of science, raspberry plants have evolved to produce berries later in the season so they can now be grown in fall as well as the spring.

What You Need To Know

While it is generally easy to grow raspberries in the fall, there are some considerations that need to be addressed in order to get good yields from your efforts. One well-known problem is that berries can become moldy when grown later on in the year. This problem, however, can be easily addressed by planting in a way that minimizes moisture occurrence and promotes air circulation. The higher yields and larger berries that result from growing in the fall are worth the added attention that is needed.

Growing raspberries in the fall is actually easier than other fruits because they require less maintenance. Because of this, the extra attention needed to avoid a moldy crop of raspberries is worth the tradeoff.

If the summer has been very dry, your fall raspberry, crop yields might be low or nonexistent, but this will not be a regular occurrence. You might experience many years with great results and then one bad year every ten years or so. Because of the low maintenance required for growing raspberries in the fall, it is worth trying it each and every year, even if it’s been a dry one.

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