Our Top Picks for Cranberry Juice Lovers

What All Cranberry Juice Lovers Should Know

I love cranberries (and all types of berries, really) but there are times when I have to break down and buy commercially prepared products, such as dried fruits and cranberry juice. I recently shared with you some of my best tips for selecting and buying dried fruit, and now I'd like to give you my best picks for cranberry juices on the market today.

Walnut Acres

Walnut Acres makes one of the tastiest (and possibly healthiest) cranberry juices on the market today. Their juices are organic and have no added sugar. They offer a cranberry juice that is sweetened with apple and white grape juices. They also offer a cranberry-blueberry and cranberry-raspberry juice.

If you can’t find this product in a natural foods store near you, look online. This cranberry juice is just too good to miss. If you don’t want a cranberry juice, try their blueberry, raspberry, apricot or cherry juices instead.


Northland makes a healthy cranberry juice, and the best part is, it typically costs less than Walnut Acres. In addition to their Traditional Cranberry, Northland offers eight additional cranberry blends. Just as with all the brands we’re talking about today, Northland juices don’t contain added sugar.

Apple and Eve

Apple and Eve products are a great option for the cost-conscious consumer who still is concerned with buying healthy products. Apple and Eve juices don’t contain sugar, and they’re the most affordable we’ve found. The best part is kids love them, and they also sell three-pack juice boxes which are a big hit. Throw one in your kid’s lunch box instead of their usual sugary orange “juice” container. They’ll love it.

Benefits Without The Hassle

So even when you don’t have an abundance of fresh fruit available, you can still enjoy cranberries and other berries. Shop around for the brands we enjoy, and let us know if you have a favorite cranberry juice product that you just can’t live without.

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