Sometimes You Just Can't Grow Enough Berries

What To Do When You Run Out of Home-Grown Berries

No matter how many strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries you harvest on your own, you still may need to rely on the supermarket for some of your berry needs. However, just as all berries aren't created equal, neither are all supermarkets or produce selections. If you want to buy some berries at the store, here are a few things to keep in mind...


No, I'm not saying you should get drunk in the aisles of the supermarket while picking out your berries. BYOB as in “bag”, not “beer”.

Why should you bring your own bag to the supermarket when picking out berries? First and foremost, the type of bag your berries are put in can have an impact on how they arrive after the trip home.

Evert-Fresh Green Bags are one example of produce bags designed to transport your produce properly and keep it fresh even after you get it home. The bags are reusable for about 8 times, and they come in small, medium, and large. If you want your berries to arrive home safely and you want them to stay fresh longer, bags like this are ideal.

Sometimes Organic is Worth It

No, I'll be the first to admit that organic foods are not always worth the difference in price. Berries, however, are one category where I make an exception. You can't exactly scrub pesticide off a berry or other chemicals the berries may have come in contact with. If your grocery store sells organic berries, you might want to fork out the extra cash. It's well worth it.

Picky Berry Picker

Of course, no matter where you shop for your berries, make sure you inspect them carefully. Signs of bugs or mold are a huge no no.

By keeping the above in mind you can buy berries that are almost as good as the ones you grow yourself. Of course, no berries are quite like your own, but store-bought can come in a close second.

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