The Acai Berry Craze: Nature's Sensitive Antioxidant

What's So Great about the Acai Berry?

The acai berry is the fruit of the acai palm, which grows in Central and South America. Although reminiscent of grapes, they provide a source of potent antioxidants and have caught the attention of health food experts around the world. They are touted as a valuable nutritional supplement, spurring their reach into the American health food market.

They Come From Distant Lands

Acai palms are not found in North America, due to their need for nutrient-rich swampland for growth, so it is not possible to simply plant an acai palm in your backyard and have a lifetime supply of berries. I

n addition, the berries do not handle storage or transport well, so consumption of fresh berries is limited to the locales where they are naturally abundant. That is not to say that you cannot purchase products made from these natural antioxidants and reap their benefits, however.

The pulp of the acai berries can be freeze dried or powdered, and still have potent abilities to combat oxidation, allowing the benefits of these berries to reach you practically anywhere!

There's A Juice For Everything

Acai berry juice is readily available in the United States (although some people in more remote areas may need to purchase it via the Internet and have it shipped to them). Health food stores advertise it as nature's antioxidant, which therefore makes it anti-mutagenic (protecting against the mutation of cellular DNA) and anti-inflammatory; it is also potentially anti-microbial.

As with all natural-remedy cures, it makes sense to do some research before abandoning currently-used medications and other products. With that said, it certainly doesn't hurt to add acai berry juice (or other acai berry products) to your diet to reap the potential benefits.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Because the acai berry has such powerful antioxidant qualities, very little is necessary to achieve the desired effect. Expect to spend around $1/oz for organic, kosher products. It may seem pricey, but compared to the alternatives, it is likely to be very cost effective!

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