The Best Greenhouse Climates for Growing Berries

How to achieve and maintain the right greenhouse climates for your berries no matter where you live

Greenhouse climates are basically artificially maintained to mimic the natural growing conditions for berries. Some people think that controlling the greenhouse climates sounds very difficult; however, it is something that just about anybody can master.

Berry Jerry’s simple explanation of greenhouse climates…

The ability to control greenhouse climates within a greenhouse makes it possible to grow berries year-round, no matter where you live. Off-season growth and growing berries without the normal field production conditions is a benefit of greenhouses and greenhouse climate control.

Basically, to grow luscious berries in a greenhouse, the greenhouse climates have to provide optimal plant growth conditions for photosynthesis and respiration. Thus, temperature, solar lighting and humidity are the primary factors of maintaining greenhouse climates that are conducive to berry growth.

Maintaining good greenhouse climates requires solar energy. Berries need six to eight hours of sunlight per day. If the greenhouse is not exposed to direct sunlight for that period of time every day, artificial sunlight will have to be provided through the use of plant grow lights.

Humidity in the greenhouse is important to maintaining greenhouse climates as well. Humidity can be provided by keeping the dirt floor of a greenhouse damp or by using misters that keep the greenhouse climates constantly humid.

Fun Fact: The sun produces enough solar energy every fifteen minutes to provide the earth with a year’s worth of energy. Energy from the sun plays a big part in maintaining greenhouse climates.

Controlling the temperature for greenhouse climates is also important. In some areas, the temperature of the greenhouse will be consistent and desirable just because of the solar energy the greenhouse receives. However, in cold climates, heating the greenhouse to maintain adequate greenhouse climates and to keep berry plants from freezing may be necessary. Both the air temperature and the soil temperature are to be considered when maintaining greenhouse climates.

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