The “Must Have” Greenhouse Supplies

Having your basic greenhouse supplies on-hand makes berry growing easy

Greenhouse supplies are not hard to find at all. What is difficult is deciding what you really have to have, and what greenhouse supplies are just luxuries. There are a few basic greenhouse supplies that you really need in order to grow berries in a greenhouse.

Berry Jerry’s tips about essential greenhouse supplies…

Greenhouse supplies are needed for planting your berries, watering your berries, and maintaining the atmosphere in the greenhouse to be sure that it is conducive to growing berries.

Essential greenhouse supplies:

Unless you are planting your berry plants right in the ground in your greenhouse, you will need containers to plant the berry plants and berry bushes in. Of course, potting soil and fertilizer is also necessary. A gardening spade works well for working the fertilizer into the soil and actually planting the berry plants or bushes.

If you are planting the berry plants and bushes in the ground inside the greenhouse, you will need to till the ground using a rotor tiller, and a hoe comes in handy as well.

Fun Fact: The term “greenhouse effect” refers to the warming of the atmosphere.

If you have a water source going into your greenhouse, water hoses that will reach all of your berry plants are necessary greenhouse supplies. If you don’t have a water source, a watering can will suffice.

If your greenhouse is not in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, you may need to add plant grow lights to your list of essential greenhouse supplies to ensure that your berries get enough light to grow.

If it is necessary to artificially control the humidity in your greenhouse, misters are important greenhouse supplies. Depending upon the weather, greenhouse heaters with temperature control features and ventilation control accessories may be needed greenhouse supplies.

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