The New World of Greenhouse Accessories

Have You Shopped for Greenhouse Accessories Lately?

It used to be that greenhouse accessories amounted to little more than spray bottles, pots and perhaps some tables. Nowadays, however, greenhouses are evolving and greenhouse accessories are evolving right along with them. Haven't shopped for greenhouse accessories lately? You'll be surprised at what you can find.

Solar Lighting Accents

Solar accent lights make up some of the most popular greenhouse accessories. From ladybugs to old-fashioned lanterns, solar accent lights can give your greenhouse almost any look you want. When it comes to these greenhouse accessories, however, quality does matter.

Cheaper solar accent lights will not hold a solar charge and won't shine brightly at night. For a decent solar accent light, plan on spending at least $25 to $30 each.

Greenhouse Furniture

Yes, greenhouses can be an excellent location for some strategically-placed furniture. Think I'm wrong? Imagine how relaxing a nice hammock could be in your greenhouse? A place to kick back and read a book while taking in the scent and scenery of rewards of your labor.

A Compost Bucket

Why not make the most of your greenhouse space and place a greenhouse compost bucket right outside of it? Put the unwanted leftovers to work and turn them into compost.

Worm Factories

Worm factories are also becoming popular greenhouse accessories. A 3-tray worm factory can eat up to 2 lbs of kitchen scrap a day. Instead of tossing your cuttings away, put them to use in a worm factory. You can even sell the worms to fishermen for a profit! It's no wonder worm factories are becoming increasing popular greenhouse accessories.

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