Those Backyard Berries May Surprise You Yet!

Surprising Facts about Berries

If you visit this website, you're likely a berry lover just like I am. However, no matter how much you love berries, you may not realize just how beneficial these little treasures really are. If you think you know everything there is to know about berries, we have some facts that may surprise you.

Forgo The Antibiotics

Most of us realize that antibiotics are used much too frequently nowadays. One of the common ailments we use antibiotics for is urinary tract infections. However, berries may be able to rid us of minor urinary tract infections without the use of antibiotics.

Berries act as a diuretic and can help the flow of urine through and out of the urinary tract. They also make the urine acidic, which is conducive to the growth of bacteria. The berries that seem to work the best as a urinary tract remedy are cranberries and bearberries.

Fruit For Diarrhea?

Believe it or not, berries have actually proven to help with diarrhea. Berries are an astringent, which means they cause tissue to contract, including the tissue in the digestive tract. Wild strawberry leaves and blackberry root have both been proven to help relieve diarrhea symptoms.

Cleanse That Body

You'd be surprised at how many toxins your body harbors. If you don't flush these toxins naturally, you can become seriously ill. Strawberries have been known to help cleanse the body of harmful toxins. Forget the apples! A few fresh strawberries each day will keep the doctor away.

So if you thought berries were just fun to grow and a yummy treat to enjoy, you might want to look into the true benefits of these delicious little treats. You'll be surprised at just how many ways berries can benefit our bodies.

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