Useful Greenhouse Accessories

5 greenhouse accessories that simplify your berry gardening

Greenhouse accessories are plentiful. Some greenhouse accessories are useful while others are just novelties that you really don’t need.

Berry Jerry says there are some greenhouse accessories that you really need…

Must have greenhouse accessories include:

1. Plant stands or shelves
2. Planters, pots or containers
3. Watering devices
4. Hand tools for mulching and planting
5. Climate and light control equipment

Sometimes plants and shrubs are planted directly in the ground, even inside a greenhouse, but most times they are planted in some type of container. Thus containers such as planters or pots are necessary greenhouse accessories.

While plant stands and shelves are sometimes viewed as novelty greenhouse accessories, they are really very useful. They get the plants up off the ground making them easier to work with as well as enabling you to keep more berry plants and shrubs. So, they are also space saving devices.

Watering devices are greenhouse accessories which vary depending on your setup. If you have a water source in or near your greenhouse, water hoses may be all that you need. If you don’t have water nearby, or if you prefer not to use water hoses, watering pitchers are nice greenhouse accessories to have.

Hand tools such as gardening spades are necessary greenhouse accessories for mulching the soil and planting your berries. Having a bench in the greenhouse to use for these purposes is nice, but not necessarily essential. Time-saving greenhouse accessories which really are novelties are greenhouse watering systems like drip irrigation devices and watering wands.

Did you know? Ancient Egyptians are known to have had the earliest irrigation systems. They dug canals from the Nile River to their fields to provide irrigation for their crops.

Climate and light control equipment includes temperature control equipment, humidification devices and artificial lighting. If the climate isn’t sufficient for growing berries or the berries don’t get six to eight hours of natural sunlight each day, these greenhouse accessories are must-have items.

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