Vacationing and Growing Berries Indoors

If You Grow Berries Indoors, Make Plans for When You Are Traveling

With the holidays approaching, you have special considerations to take into account if you are growing berries indoors. The amount of preparations you will need to make during the holiday season for your berries depends on how long you will be out of town. Growing berries indoors, despite its occasional challenges, has probably been going very smoothly for you up to this point. When you are growing berries indoors and plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, you will need to make special plans.

Making Arrangements

If you are a veteran traveler, then you probably already are familiar with making arrangements in your absence. Many homeowners have someone water their plants while they are away. It can be fairly easy to make such arrangements. Contacting a local business who runs errands can be a good choice. A house sitter is another great choice. You’ll definitely want someone to take over your indoor berry growing in your absence particularly if you plan to be away for several days.

Leave Instructions

Make a detailed list of everything you expect your house sitter to do in your absence. Indicate the time of day that you want your plants watered and make note of any additional responsibilities the plant sitter will have to take care of such as trimming or pruning. Leave a cell phone number where you can be reached in case your house sitter has any questions.

You can also invest in an automatic plant watering system to water your plants while you are away. An automatic plant watering system allows you to select the amount of watering and frequency of watering. Make sure you set up your system and observe it working before you go away. That way you will definitely know if you set it up properly.

You’ve undoubtedly put a lot of effort into growing berries indoors up until this point, so you certainly don’t want your efforts to be wasted.

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