What is a Rion Greenhouse?

Everything you ever wanted to know about growing berries in a Rion greenhouse

The Rion greenhouse line is quickly becoming one of the most preferred lines of greenhouses in the industry. A Rion greenhouse is durable, practical and useful.

Berry Jerry likes the Rion greenhouse options…

There’s one thing you can count on with a Rion greenhouse, that is durability. There are many different options in the Rion greenhouse line, but all of them are well built and easy to assemble.

From small lean-to styles to full-sized greenhouse kits, you can find a Rion greenhouse for just about any gardening need and in a variety of budget ranges.

What is unique about a Rion greenhouse is that the frame is constructed of resin which, unlike other framing materials, is truly maintenance free. The resin frame ensures long-term durability. While aluminum frame greenhouses are not fully insulated, the resin framed Rion greenhouse is fully insulated which makes it a choice greenhouse for any climate.

A Rion greenhouse has UV coated polycarbonate glazing which increases both the strength and safety of the greenhouse while providing for increased sun protection, proper light diffusion and sufficient heat insulation.

Did you know? Polycarbonate is a highly stable material with incredible strength that withstands a wide variety of temperature ranges.

I am particularly fond of the Rion greenhouse kits because they are so easy to assemble. They come with a full set of assembly instructions and they simply snap together so no tools are required to assemble them.

I’m also very fond of Rion greenhouse accessories. The accessories, such as staging tables, rain gutters, circular vents, and shade nets are also made from high quality, durable materials that are practically maintenance free.

For the serious berry gardener, a Rion greenhouse is top of the line!

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