What is Included in a Greenhouse Kit?

How to evaluate your options when shopping for a greenhouse kit

A greenhouse kit is basically a pre-made greenhouse that you put together. Every greenhouse kit; however, is not created equally.

Berry Jerry’s tips on shopping for a greenhouse kit…

A greenhouse kit can simplify the process of building a greenhouse to grow your berries in. There are many different types of greenhouse kits, and before buying one you need to decide what type of greenhouse you really want.

A greenhouse kit may be a pop-up type, preassembled, portable greenhouse, or you may get a greenhouse kit that basically contains all the material and building plans to build your own greenhouse.

A greenhouse kit may be nothing more than a rack for growing plants on or a portable greenhouse cover for a flower bed. Or, it may be as extensive as a kit for building greenhouse the size of a double car garage.

Before shopping for a greenhouse kit you need to evaluate your space to determine what size greenhouse you can accommodate. When doing this, keep in mind that it is best if your greenhouse can be in direct sunlight for six to eight hours a day. Of course, if it can’t be, you can use grow lights to supplement sunlight, but berries really love to soak up the sun.

Decide how many berry plants you intend to grow and what kind. Small berry plants, like strawberries, don’t need a whole lot of greenhouse space. However, if you’re going to grow raspberries or blueberries, they grow on bushes so you definitely need a larger greenhouse kit for that.

Fun Fact: Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries grow on shrub-like bushes.

Once you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to evaluate features and relative prices. Most greenhouse kits come with the frame, the covering and the hardware to put the greenhouse together. What is usually not included in a greenhouse kit is the tools you need to assemble the greenhouse and greenhouse accessories.

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