What Is the Purpose of Portable Greenhouses?

Portable greenhouses enable you to grow berries year round, no matter where you live

Portable greenhouses are very convenient. There are many different types of portable greenhouses and many portable greenhouses can even be used on an apartment’s small balcony.

Berry Jerry uses portable greenhouses…

I have a large, stationary greenhouse that I use for growing berries year round, but I also use portable greenhouses from time to time. Portable greenhouses come in handy for my strawberry plants because I like to keep them near my patio where I can pick fresh berries whenever I want to without going out to the greenhouse.

I use my portable greenhouses mostly for container gardening. Many portable greenhouses can actually be moved very easily if it is necessary to move them to keep the berries in the sunlight the majority of the day. Most portable greenhouses; however, are simply made for purpose of being able to take them down and put them up easily when you want to, rather than having the greenhouses permanently affixed.

Most people who use portable greenhouses don’t grow berries in them year round. Rather, they use the portable greenhouse during the berry growing season, then put it away until the next season. That’s probably the true purpose of portable greenhouses.

Portable greenhouses are also good for people who are just getting started in berry growing or greenhouse gardening because they are relatively inexpensive when compared to a full-sized greenhouse. Using inexpensive, portable greenhouses until you are sure that greenhouse gardening is for you just makes sense.

Did you know? Some portable greenhouses are small enough to sit on the top of a table.

Portable greenhouses, depending on their size and structure of course, are priced in ranges from about $40 to $600. Some portable greenhouses are large enough for you to walk through them, but some portable greenhouses are more of a reach-in type of greenhouse. They usually have doors or flaps that can be opened to access and care for your berry plants.

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