What You Need To Think About When Sweetening Your Berries

Think Twice Before Sweetening Your Berries

Many of us like to sweeten our berries. It's no secret and it's not a punishable offense by any means. After all, no matter how sweet those berries are when they come off the plant there's always something about sprinkling a little sweetener on top. The question is, what should you be sprinkling on those berries to sweeten them?


Sugar is natural and, while not good for you, doesn't exactly hold the dangers that aspartame does. A little sprinkling of sugar on your berries every now and then can't hurt, but if you consume too much sugar you might be causing your body to become resistant to insulin, which poses a whole different bevy of problems.

If you do use sugar, use it in moderation. I personally like Sugar in the Raw and I use it about once a week with strawberries.


Oh Splenda, you were supposed to be our miracle answer to the problems caused by the sweet tooth. Splenda, my friends, may not be everything it was promised to be. First of all, it's not exactly "natural" even though it is made from sugar. Second of all, it might have some health consequences that no one foresaw. You might be better off using sugar.


This sugar substitute is a big no no. It may not have calories and it may make your berries taste sweeter, but it can also cause cancer, lupus, seizures and other health complications. Equal contains aspartame, so don't use it to sweeten your berries. You're better off using Splenda or real sugar.

The Bottom Line

You're gonna think I"m nuts, but I think sugar is the winner. It's natural and while it can cause health problems if you consume too much of it, a sprinkle here or there won't hurt you. Avoid the artificial chemicals and keep your berries as natural as possible -- including what you use to sweeten them.

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