What’s So Special about Hydroponic Greenhouses?

The advantages of using hydroponic greenhouses to grow berries

Hydroponic greenhouses are wonderful for growing berries. There are many reasons to use hydroponic greenhouses.

Berry Jerry thinks hydroponic greenhouses are awesome!

Hydroponic greenhouses are a relatively new craze in berry growing. While I’m one who doesn’t mind tramping around in the dirt and playing in soil, hydroponic greenhouses are an interesting alternative to the traditional dirty job of growing fabulous berries.

You see, with a hydroponic greenhouse, you literally grow berries in water without any soil. In my opinion, this defies nature, but I’ve been told I need to get with the times and look at things with an open mind.

So, I tried hydroponic greenhouse gardening for my berries. Much to my amazement, it works!

Hydroponic greenhouses provide a unique environment for growing your berries. Much to my surprise, the berry plants I grew in my hydroponic greenhouse put out about three times the yield of those in my traditional greenhouse last season.

There are certain advantages to hydroponic greenhouses. My wife says one of the biggest advantages is that I don’t make a mess in the sink when I come in and wash up after working in the garden. True, I don’t have as much dirt under my nails when I grow my berries in hydroponic greenhouses.

There are more advantages that that; however!

When you use hydroponic greenhouses to grow berries, the environment is completely controlled. The plants get their nutrition from supplements you put in the water, rather than from the soil.

By eliminating the use of soil by using hydroponic greenhouses, you also eliminate the threats of pests and diseases that are associated with the soil. So, there is no need to use herbicides or pesticides in hydroponic greenhouses.

Did you know? Bacteria in soil used to grow berries can cause food-borne illnesses.

It is easy to control the light and temperature in hydroponic greenhouses to ensure that your berry plants get the light they need and that the greenhouse maintains a temperature that is conducive to growing plump, delicious berries.

You need to study the processes and learn the ropes if you’re going to use a hydroponic greenhouse to grow your berries, but hydroponic greenhouses are certainly a wonderful option that is worth consideration.

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