Where Should I Put My Hobby Greenhouse?

5 things you must know about choosing a location for your hobby greenhouse

Hobby greenhouse kits can be used to make a hobby greenhouse for growing berries. Before investing big bucks in a greenhouse it’s a good idea to get started with an inexpensive hobby greenhouse to make sure that berry gardening is for you.

Berry Jerry’s tips for finding the best location for your hobby greenhouse…

Any greenhouse, no matter how large or small can be considered a hobby greenhouse, but most times when someone talks about a hobby greenhouse they are referring to a small greenhouse that is used for container gardening.

There are a few things to think about when choosing a location for your hobby greenhouse:

1. Water

Obviously, you need water in order to grow berries in a hobby greenhouse. With container gardening, it may be feasible to carry water in a watering can to water the berries, but if you are planting rows of berries, or if you have several containers, it is much easier to keep your berries watered if you have access to a nearby water faucet and a water hose.

2. Drainage

With the exception of cranberries which grow in marshy conditions, berry plants need to be able to drain rather than standing in water. Your hobby greenhouse should be positioned in a way that the berry plants have adequate drainage. With container gardening having a pan under the containers with the containers lifted up away from the drainage is sufficient. If you are planting berries in rows in a hobby greenhouse you will need adequate sloping to enable the water to drain away from the berry plants.

3. Sunlight

Berries need direct sunlight for six to eight hours a day. It is ideal if you can position your hobby greenhouse where it will be in the sun the majority of the day. If you have to pick and choose between morning sun and afternoon sun because of obstacles that place the hobby greenhouse in the shade part of the day, it is best for your berries to get morning sunlight. If all else fails and you can’t get the hobby greenhouse located where it gets sufficient sunlight, you can supplement using plant lights part of the day.

Factoid: On average, the sun is about 93 million miles away from the earth.

4. Space

The space needed for your hobby greenhouse is really dependent upon what types of berries you are going to grow and how many plants you intend to have. There are hobby greenhouses available that are small enough to sit on an apartment balcony. These are usually sufficient for container gardening.

5. Access

Your hobby greenhouse should be placed where it is easy for you to access it. Whether you have a stationary greenhouse or a portable hobby greenhouse for container gardening, you need to have easy access to the plants so you can water them, pollinate them, and of course, pick those luscious berries as they ripen.

Convenience, practicality and necessary conditions are all things to consider when choosing the perfect location for your hobby greenhouse.

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