Which Greenhouse Manufacturer is Best?

How to choose the best greenhouse manufacturer

Greenhouse manufacturer reviews portray quite a variety of opinions in regard to who is the best greenhouse manufacturer around. As with any product, some people have good luck with greenhouses made by a particular greenhouse manufacturer and some have bad experiences with products made by the same greenhouse manufacturer.

So, which greenhouse manufacturer is best?

Berry Jerry says that the best greenhouse manufacturer is the one that makes a high-quality greenhouse that suits your needs within your budget. To me, it’s really just that simple. Seriously, comparing one greenhouse manufacturer to another is kind of like comparing Folgers coffee to Maxwell House, it’s all a matter of taste.

When I am shopping for a greenhouse, I look for features rather than worrying about who the greenhouse manufacturer is. When I find a greenhouse or greenhouse kit that I like, I do an internet search on the greenhouse manufacturer to see if they have any positive or negatives reviews written about them.

I also check to see what the greenhouse manufacturers warranty terms are to see if they are willing to stand behind their product to ensure that it is free from defects. In my opinion, the brand produced by a greenhouse manufacturer doesn’t matter so much. It does matter whether or not the greenhouse manufacturer stands behind its product.

Features to consider when shopping for a greenhouse are the size of the greenhouse and the materials that the frame and coverings are made of. Common frame materials for greenhouses include galvanized steel, aluminum, wood and plastic. Common coverings are glass or plastics such as fiberglass, polycarbonate, or polyethylene film.

Factoid: The frames for commercial greenhouses are usually made of galvanized steel because of its durability and longevity.

Rather than being concerned about the greenhouse manufacturer, I recommend learning the advantages and disadvantages of these various materials that greenhouses are made from and choosing the best option for you that fits into your budget. For me, the only consideration in regard to the greenhouse manufacturer is the warranty and their reputation.

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