Which Raspberries are Best for Raspberry Jam?

Different types of raspberries and what they are good for

Raspberries of any kind are just delectable, no doubt. But many people don’t know that there really are different types of raspberries and some are better for certain uses than others.

Berry Jerry’s tips on choosing the best raspberries for the right reasons…

Raspberries are wonderful for jam, to eat fresh, or to use in a variety of desserts. Some raspberries are very sweet. Other raspberries are a bit tart, and some are even a little bitter. Of course, they are all absolutely wonderful, but if you use raspberries for certain things, it is good to know what their characteristics are.

Jewel raspberries are black and they ripen midseason. In comparison to other black raspberries, they are highly resistant to disease and they grow well even in cool weather. These raspberries are delicious in baked desserts like raspberry cobbler or mixed berry pies. The jewel raspberries can be preserved well by freezing.

The royalty raspberries are also perfect for use in baking. The raspberries are purple and the generally produce in June. Royalty raspberry plants are extremely productive and put out a great supply of raspberries.

Did you know? Making sure that the soil drains well will help you to avoid root rot when growing raspberries.

Heritage raspberries are one my favorite red raspberries. They are just fabulous to eat fresh, in cereal, or right off the vine. The heritage raspberries make exceptional jam and are great for canning.

Redwing raspberries produce in the fall. Because they are heat resistant, the red raspberries produced by the Redwing plants are amongst the best raspberries to eat fresh. The berries are also very attractive, so they are good to use as garnish for all types of desserts.

Latham raspberries are mid-sized red raspberries that generally ripen during the month of June. They are usually very firm and they are great for raspberry preserves. They can also be preserved by freezing them for use in baking.

These are just a few of my favorites among the many different types of raspberries.

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